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How Not To Get Nervous In The IELTS Speaking Test

We will talk about how NOT to get nervous in your IELTS speaking test, which is a common issue students face.


Be Prepared (To Calm Your Nerves!) When we talk about readiness, it isn’t just about attempting to plan for potential answers. It is imperative to know a couple of things. To start with, comprehend the structure of the talking test. What amount of time does the test require? What number of parts are there to the talking test? What is each important for the test about? Or then again do I need to give a discourse, or have a conversation with the inspector? etc. Second, figure out how the IELTS talking test is scored. In the event that you need to intrigue the analyst, you need to understand what the inspector needs! To put it plainly, articulation, familiarity and intelligence, language structure and jargon all mean 25% of the score. At long last, truly, you will never understand what addresses you will be asked in the talking test, yet there are some basic themes that you can plan for, for example, family, work, and travel. Keep in mind, don’t remember your readied answers for the test. Why not? At the point when the analyst discovers you are not really talking normally, you may not get a high score or you may even lose marks. Also, trust me, they will know! How would i be able to deal to try not to need to retain answers at that point? You may ask yourself. Indeed, you can even now learn more jargon and expressions of generally asked themes by essentially rehearsing all the more oftentimes. This will permit you to improve at utilizing the jargon! In any case, talk normally! Need To Read More? Get the full 76-page eBook + a Last-minute Tips eBook now!


Arrive Early! A simple way to help you not to get stressed is to arrive early. Many speaking tests do not take place right after the other test components of the IELTS exam. You may even be asked to come on a separate day to take the speaking test only. It is very important that you arrive at the test venue at least 30 to 40 minutes before your speaking test appointment. In this way, you will have plenty of time to calm yourself down and be mentally prepared.

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